Volage Makeup Vanity with Mirror


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Alternating black and white drawers are set in black framework creating a dramatic accent for your bedroom. Angled 3-panel lighted mirror is the deal for applying makeup and styling hair. Fits in a corner to give you maximum floor space in your room design. 4 Roomy drawers and table top shelves offer a place for everything and everything in its place. Drawers open on swivel hinges for comfortable legroom and easy access to multiple drawers. Every woman from pre-teen to adult will be wowed by...

  • Overall: 55.9 H x 44.7 W x 24 D
  • Overall Product Weight: 83.8 lb.
  • Primary Material: Manufactured Wood
  • Assembly Required: Yes

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Volage Makeup Vanity with Mirror

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Where do I find a Volage Makeup Vanity with Mirror with a beautiful in my home

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Where can one purchase Volage Makeup Vanity with Mirror

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